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Chestnut Mountain Resort slopes in the winter Get to Galena: December Edition - December is a time to find joy in the cold and snow with your family and friends. Red cheeks, big smiles, hot cocoa, and carols – Galena offers everything you’ll need for an unforgettable holiday month.   $20 LIFT TICKET SPECIAL Chestnut Mountain Resort will officially be opened for the … Continued
Downtown Galena shops Finish Your Holiday Shopping in Galena - Holiday shopping creates a different feeling for everyone. Some love the magic of the holiday spirit, while others curse the long lines and influx of traffic. Regardless of your stance, Galena, Illinois is a great place for holiday shopping. Galena is a beautiful, historic little town that looks as if … Continued
GET TO GALENA: NOVEMBER EDITION - For a true “country Christmas” experience, Galena should be top of your list to visit. With several different types of ways to spend your evenings and weekends, Galena is the perfect place to visit and spend time with those you love before the holiday season infiltrates all your free time. … Continued
THE HAUNTINGS OF GALENA: A WEEKEND FULL OF SPIRIT - Galena, Illinois is a small 19th-century town of 3,200 people – and about that many spirits. Located in the northwest corner of Illinois, this old mining town has almost one square mile of historically registered buildings and roads, making sure that the haunted homes of old spirits are undisturbed. Visiting … Continued
pumpkin float Get to Galena: October Edition - October reminds us of the crisp air that goes from hot to cool in a matter of hours, of ghosts and candy, of German beer and bratwursts. Thankfully, Galena has something for everyone no matter what October reminds them of. That’s why Galena seems to be the perfect experience for … Continued
Mississippi River Valley in the Fall Take the Colorful Route Through Galena - Galena Country is known for their small town, historic charm – but you haven’t experienced all it has to offer until you visit in September when the onslaught of fall colors begins to explode throughout the quaint town. There are plenty of paths to walk, drive, and bike, as well … Continued
A kid biking through the Get to Galena: September Edition - September is all about the start of fall and the end of summer. It encompasses some of the most pleasing days outdoors – those that are not too hot, but not too cold either. With this type of weather, it is essential to get outside and soak up everything you … Continued
Two people ziplining at Chestnut Mountain Resort above the Mississippi RIver Breathtaking Views from Above - Soaring through the sky high above the ground is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping. You’ll surely be in awe as you take in the beauty of the Mississippi River valley. Good thing Galena, IL is in the ideal location to give visitors a breathtaking` experience with options … Continued
Family walking through a fair Get to Galena: August Edition - August, for many Americans, is the last bit of summer before school starts again, either for themselves or for their kids. Before classes commence though, it’s important to get out and enjoy the remaining summer season. With all the fairs and festivals in Galena, families, friends and couples have access … Continued
Kids playing outdoors Active Outdoor Fun in Galena - Being from the Midwest, you learn when the best times to get outside, enjoy the nice weather, and soak up your Vitamin C are. The start of summer tends to be when there’s a noticeable difference of activity outdoors. This July get outside in Galena country and let the warmth … Continued